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Dual Master´s Degree

Internationalization of Companies & Access to New Markets

Now, as never before, companies have the opportunity to leave the boundaries of operating only locally. 

The technological advancements can now bring your business literally everywhere, which has created the largest demand for foreign trade ever. Companies nowadays choose to be global for cost reduction, increasing sales by expanding the revenue streams, attracting the best talent, staying competitive, and simply accessing resources and opportunities that are available in other locations.

Having this vision in consideration, BEBS, in collaboration with the University of Murcia, has designed a Master's Degree program that prepares the students to tap the best potential that exists in international business and trade.

From international taxation to talent hire, this master program will prepare you to embark on an international managerial career at an enterprise or create your own company which can have a global presence.

We've helped our students to pursue their dreams and go on to accomplish great things!

✓ Current and up to date education

✓ Excellent networking opportunities

✓ Empowerment for creating your own business

✓ Truly international study environment 

✓ Internship opportunities

✓ Dual degree by BEBS & the University of Murcia

✓ Student services designed to guide you in all practical matters (visa, accommodation, insurance and more)



BEBS Teaching staff are successful entrepreneurs, executives and specialists who hold top positions in different sectors. They teach because they have passion for passing on their expertise to others, and they strive to offer professional training  that is built upon a realistic view of the current business world. 

Thanks to our star team of teachers, the learning process at BEBS is always an interesting dialogue, with active participation on both sides.

We offer scholarships to support talented students

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